RAG - Regression Analysis Graph

by Marius Ebel


RAG Demo App
The RAG Component is an easy to use set of Delphi units that allows you to display nice graphs with different appearance like line, area or bar graphs. The RAG Component also supports labelling for each corner of the graph and dynamic resizing at runtime. Each Graph contained by a RAG can also change its display type, line width and color dynamically at runtime.


  • One RAG can contain multiple graphs.
  • Four different graph types: Lines, Area, Bars (Relative and Absolute).
  • The graph type of each graph conained by a RAG can be changed dynamically at runtime.
  • Automatic vertical scaling of the graphs depending to their highest value.
  • Customizable grid, e.g. vertical and horizontal grid step.
  • Each corner of a RAG can be labelled individually and each label can be shown or hidden separately.

Rag is used in the following software:
Schmidt Software Interface Traffic Indicator
Schmidt Software MultiPing Grapher

News and Version History

Mar 16, 2007

Today I received a mail from Terry Klasema where he reported an error that occurs inside the TRAGGraph class when several graphs are drawn with different line width and color. Terry also sent me the fixed code so I didn't have to search the bug. Thanks!

Nov 26, 2006

Finally I had some time to write a small tutorial (will be available soon) how to integrate a RAG in a Delphi application. I also tried to write a component, but Delphi components are the worst thing I ever had to deal with (I didn't achieve my goal to create a component that works).

Jul 24, 2006

I added support for captioning the corners of a graph with different fonts, font styles and colors. It should be the last improvement for some months, because the new school year will start in a few days and the a-levels are approaching. I'm very glad that we had success establishing the computer science class.

Jun 26, 2006

By request from Carsten I added the capability to show bar graphs with a height relative to the highest value contained by the graph and some other improvements like the ability to change the grid color and back color and the line width.

Jun 05, 2006

First, bug free version of RAG. It was some hard work, but I think the result is not bad. Now I'm sure: I hate commenting code, because "real programmers don't comment their code. If it was hard to write it should be hard to read."


Date Type Name Description Size
16.03.2007 RAG_1_0.zip  Contains the source of the RAG units 306 kB
26.06.2006 RAG-en.pdf English documentation of the RAG units 40 kB
26.06.2006 RAG-de.pdf German documentation of the RAG units 40 kB
26.11.2006 Tutorial 1 - First Steps.pdf A small tutorial that shows how to integrate the RAG Component into Delphi projects. 120 kB
27.11.2006 RAG Demo Project.zip The archive contains an executable that demonstrates the capabilities of the RAG Component. 218 kB

marks updates!


If you have any questions, suggestions, bug reports or feature request concerning the RAG component, I would be very pleased if you send me an e-mail to regressionanalysisgraph-dev(@)yahoo.de.